I studied abroad in Grantham, England for a semester in the spring of 2010. Start from the first blog post to follow my adventures throughout Europe!

Classes Begin

My schedule looks like this:

8:30-9:30- British Studies Lecture
11:00-12:00- British Studies Seminar
3:10-4:00- Intro to Psychology
4:10-5:00- Intro to Theatre

Tuesday I only have my afternoon classes.
Wednesday I have only my morning classes.
And Thursday I only have my afternoon classes.
No classes on Friday!

It's a pretty awesome schedule for those of us attempting to travel around Europe. Classes began on Monday; British Studies is a 6 hour course, so it has two parts. For the lecture, the entire school goes into the Long Hall and listens to lecture from one of a few professors for 50 minutes. Our seminar classes have about 20 people in them, and we discuss what the lecture went over more in depth. It seems like it's going to be extremely challenging. The lectures are long and somewhat difficult to understand at times because I'm not used to the accent. Every class session, our class is divided into four groups and we each have a question to answer about what we'll be discussing in class the next time. Essentially, we will be teaching our seminar classes, complete with handouts for the class, as students. So we have to do a lot of reading and organizing before class. It makes it easier to understand when you've already read about it when it's discussed in class. And on the bright side, these are the things that I love learning about it! I just think it's going to be tough--but it will be worth it for sure.

Last night we had a briefing over our London weekend trip, which we leave for on Friday morning. I am SO excited for my first trip! It seems like it will make Harlaxton official. Monday night I played basketball with several friends (new friends too!) and we all went to the Bistro, which is similar to a pub in the basement of Harlaxton, looking sweaty and nasty--the looks we got were hilarious! It was so much fun though, getting to know other people and listening to their stories. It's looking like it's going to be an absolutely awesome semester--how could it not be?!

I've been trying to work out my sleep schedule but I took a two hour nap today, ensuring I will stay up late tonight. I don't have class until 3:10, so I can sleep in, but I have to go to the manor and get some money exchanged for the trip. My group is also meeting tomorrow to work on our mini-presentation for Monday before the weekend. I'm sure I will have much more to update after London. Have a great weekend!
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